Nowadays, the new crown pneumonia is raging all over the world, threatening the safety of everyone's life, and fighting pneumonia together is the inescapable responsibility of every enterprise. To this end, Yinuo has established a global transportation line for protective materials through the integration of various resources. Concentrate company resources to solve problems such as difficulty in customs clearance of material imports and exports, slow timeliness, and complicated document processing procedures. During this time, Yinuo carried out a lot of material procurement, transportation and distribution around the world. Proven channel stability and security. Now the transportation channels are open to the society, hoping to help the enterprises and individuals in need to quickly purchase materials and deliver them to the places in need.

Yinuo currently provides: masks, goggles, protective clothing, disinfection liquids, frontal temperature guns, thermometers and other urgently needed protective materials import and export services. Fast delivery through three links: global transportation, Hong Kong import and export services, and domestic logistics

              Global transportation

Mainly through the international air transport, international express delivery to complete the global distribution of imported materials. Yinuo integrates up to 200 airline resources and currently covers 130 countries and regions in Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Japan, South Korea, etc.

          Hong Kong Import and Export Service

Provide domestic-Hong Kong-global import and export transportation, customs clearance, customs declaration, delivery one-stop service

The Hong Kong warehouse is fully opened as a material distribution warehouse, and the goods are arranged for transfer within 24 hours of arrival in Hong Kong.

Domestic logistics services

Transportation of materials by land, air and express, door-to-door service nationwide

Export goods are delivered to the country 24 hours a day. Import 1-5 days delivery to the door



                                                  Service Case






Mask transport

50,000 masks were sent from Hong Kong to Shenzhen. Yinuo provides customers with full-process services, delivered on February 28


Protective clothing transport

3000 sets of protective clothing were sent from Guangzhou to Hong Kong for transshipment abroad, and Yinuo China and Hong Kong provided export customs clearance, customs clearance and transportation services, which were delivered on March 3


Disinfectant transport

84 Disinfectant was delivered from Laiyang, Shandong, Hong Kong and Yinuo to provide general trade vehicle service, delivered within 4 days


Forehead gun transport

The temperature gun was sent from Hong Kong to Wenzhou, and Yinuo provided customs clearance and transportation services for Hong Kong imports, which were delivered within 3 days.




Mask transport

Fifty square masks were sent from Shenzhen to Hong Kong, and Yinuo provided China-Hong Kong ton car service, delivered on the same day


Protective clothing Anhui issued Hong Kong

16 parties of protective clothing were sent from Anhui to Hong Kong for transshipment abroad, and Yinuo provided full logistics services

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