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    China-Hong Kong Vehicle Export

1. Suitable for the logistics of bulky goods

2. The whole vehicle is exported to Hong Kong for door-to-door transportation and delivered within 1 day

3. Yinuo agent customs declaration, terminal counter pick-up and return

4. Self-operated China-Hong Kong trailers, ton trucks, and flatbed vehicles, integrating the resources of Hong Kong vehicles up to 200 vehicles, which can meet the needs of various products for China-Hong Kong shipments

                      Carpool export

1. Carrying small pieces of bulk cargo to Hong Kong, exempting customs declaration fees

2. The freight rate for China-Hong Kong carpooling is as low as 0.7 yuan / kg, and the delivery will be delivered on the same day and delivered the next day

3. Every morning, middle and evening, fixed freight schedules are sent to Hong Kong, and all of them are delivered to your door

4. Yinuo Zhonggang can arrange door-to-door delivery within 24 hours across the country

      China-Hong Kong Express Export

1. Provide door-to-door transportation of China-Hong Kong ton trucks and whole cabinets

2. Yinuo acts as an agent for import customs clearance in Hong Kong and handles customs clearance documents

3. Delivery within one day of Hong Kong imports, zero risk transportation guarantee


  • 01

                                              Order acceptance

    The company negotiates with customers, provides feasibility plans based on shipping needs, and the two parties sign freight contracts to clarify the responsibilities of each party. Yinuo provides detailed logistics quotation.

  • 02

                                                Home delivery

    Yi nuo Zhonggang deployed vehicles to pick up the goods. Sea booking, flight                  arrangement, ensure delivery on time

  • 03

                                                 custom declaration

    Export declarations are made according to product details, and the goods arrive at the destination port to arrange customs clearance.

  • 04

                                                 Customs clearance

    After the customs clearance is completed, the vehicle will be arranged to deliver the goods to the customer's designated place.

  • 05

                                                  Home delivery

    Send relevant documents such as signing receipts and customs declaration forms to the customer, and cooperate with the customer to deal with tax refund and other issues.

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