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Service Items

service items

China Hong Kong tonnage car
China Hong Kong tonnage car
China Hong Kong Trailer
China Hong Kong Trailer
China Hong Kong Express Logistics
China Hong Kong Express Logistics
Hong Kong tax-included import logistics
Hong Kong tax-included import logistics
China Hong Kong carpool
China Hong Kong carpool
China Hong Kong flat car
China Hong Kong flat car
  • 3000 enterprises provide services
  • Service provided by 300 cities in China
  • 10 years focus on import and export logistics
  • Zero risk transportation guarantee
  • Logistics door-to-door in 80 countries and regions in the world
  • Enor Logistics - your professional import and export logistics service provide
    Enor Logistics - your professional import and export logistics service provide
      10-year import and export logistics service provider
    Yinuo Zhonggang specializes in import and export logistics, and continuously serves nearly 3000 enterprises for 10 years. Customer satisfaction > 98%
     AA level logistics supplier
    Huawei, Foxconn, Sinotrans, Midea and other long-term logistics suppliers to understand the logistics needs of enterprises. Rich experience in project logistics. Build the docking ability of high-quality enterprises
      First class logistics management team
    1. 80% of the management personnel of Nuo China and Hong Kong have college degree or above, or have the certification of logistics engineer of national industrial organization. Basic staff, to provide a strong guarantee for the stability of logistics in Yinuo Zhonggang.
      Free logistics solution
    We will make professional logistics plan according to customer's shipping demand. And free to customers
      One to one real-time service
    The customs clearance, transportation, business, operation and customer service departments of China Nuo port provide 24-hour service. Ensure the standardization and safety of all links of logistics.
      First hand freight dealer
    Sino port import and export logistics line, no transfer of speculation, provide the best freight rate of the whole network

    5 minutes to obtain import and export logistics plan

    5 minutes to get import and export logistics solutions
    • Self operated channel
    • One hand freight rate
    • Regular customs clearance
    • Door to door
    • Freight Province
    • Aging fast

    Hotline:400 807 6656

    About us

    about us

    Enor Logistics
    Company profile

    Enor Logistics

    Shezhen enor Logistics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "enor logistics") was founded in 2013. Its headquarters is adjacent to Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport Logistics Park with developed transportation and combined transportation of sea, land and air. Specializing in import and export logistics transport services. Provide one-stop service of global sea, land and air transportation.

    Up to now, Yinuo service has covered 100 core cities in the country, with a total of 3000 service enterprises. It can provide six major ports in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Qingdao and Ningbo, as well as air transport import and export logistics services in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hangzhou.

    Enor Team

    Team show

    Enor Logistics

    Business team

    Understand customers' needs and solve all kinds of problems according to follow-up. Formulate corresponding logistics scheme and quotation

    Customer service team

    Receive customer information 24 hours, deal with customer feedback timely.

    Customs team

    In order to see the feasibility of the import and export customs declaration and clearance plan, avoid all kinds of trade problems, the safe clearance rate reaches 99.8%

    Operation team

    Comprehensive services such as vehicle allocation, booking, flight arrangement, transportation process monitoring, etc

    Quality team

    Formulate the company's service standards and promote the implementation of the service system. Monitor all logistics links and find out problems in time. Develop optimization plan and improve service quality

    Service process

    Service Process

    Enor Logistics
    • 01
      Business negotiation

      The company shall negotiate with the customers, provide the feasible scheme according to the shipping demand, and both parties shall sign the freight contract to clarify the responsibilities of all parties. Yinuo provides detailed logistics quotation.

    • 02
      Freight transportation

      1. We have allocated vehicles to pick up goods at home. Ocean booking, flight arrangement, ensure on time delivery

    • 03
      Customs clearance

      Make export declaration according to the product details, and arrange customs clearance when the goods arrive at the destination port.

    • 04
      Door-to-door delivery

      After customs clearance, arrange vehicles to deliver the goods to the place designated by the customer, and after the customer signs for receipt

    • 05
      After-sale service

      Send the receipt, customs declaration and other relevant documents back to the customer, and cooperate with the customer to deal with tax refund and other issues.

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    Service case

    Service Case

    Enor Logistics
    Cooperative partner


    Enor Logistics

    3-5 times loss compensation guarantee


    No transfer of speculation


    Time limited delivery commitment


    After sales long-term service support



    Enor Logistics
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