Cambodia logistics, choose Yinuo more reliable
Enor Logistics——Cambodia Logistics,Choice Enor More reliable
  Automatic control channel
Yinuo has its own air / sea / land transportation channels in Cambodia, which can eliminate transfer and speculation, reduce the risk of goods transportation and optimize the whole transportation network.
  High insurance service
Sino Nuo port has established a perfect risk compensation mechanism, providing 100% compensation for the risk of goods loss
  Enterprise service capability
Yinuo is a class a logistics supplier of Sinotrans, Foxconn, Huawei and other enterprises. A stable supply channel has been established to meet the delivery demand of various projects of the enterprise.
Service process

Service Process

Enor Logistics
  • 01
    Plan formulation

    Yinuo makes professional risk assessment of transportation and customs clearance according to the delivery and demand of service customers to avoid various trade risks in advance. Design the whole process plan of Cambodia logistics to ensure the safety and timeliness of freight transportation.

  • 02
    Export declaration

    Make customs declaration documents according to the product details and declare to the Customs for export.

  • 03
    Freight transportation

    Yinuo sent a car to pick up the goods. After customs clearance, it will be transported by land, air and sea to the designated Customs clearance place of Cambodia.

  • 04
    Customs clearance in Cambodia

    When the goods are delivered to Cambodia, the corresponding tariff shall be paid, and the customs officers of our company shall be arranged to submit the customs clearance materials to the local customs for customs clearance.

  • 05
    Deliver to door

    Arrange vehicles to deliver goods to designated receiving place after customs clearance and release。

Service case

Service Case

Enor Logistics
3-5 times risk compensation guarantee, to avoid the risk of Cambodia's delivery
Contact Yinuo to obtain high quality Cambodia logistics plan
About us

about us

Enor Logistics
Company profile

Enor Logistics

深圳市一诺中港物流有公司(Enor Logistics)/香港一诺货运代理始创于2013年,总部毗邻交通发达,海、陆、空联运的深圳宝安国际机场物流园。专业经营越南物流、中港物流、香港空运、柬埔寨物流、缅甸物流、印尼物流、台湾物流服务。是集运输、报关、清关、仓储、配送为一体的跨境物流服务商
Enor Team

Team show

Enor Logistics

Business team

Understand customers' needs and solve all kinds of problems according to follow-up. Formulate corresponding logistics scheme and quotation

Customer service team

Receive customer information 24 hours, deal with customer feedback timely.

Customs team

In order to see the feasibility of the import and export customs declaration and clearance plan, avoid all kinds of trade problems, the safe clearance rate reaches 99.8%

Operation team

Comprehensive services such as vehicle allocation, booking, flight arrangement, transportation process monitoring, etc

Quality team

Formulate the company's service standards and promote the implementation of the service system. Monitor all logistics links and find out problems in time. Develop optimization plan and improve service quality

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